About us

Al Rajaa Society for Development and Sports, is a public benefit society, was established in Jerusalem in 2016, provides numerous programs, events, and activities, aims to strengthen the education of children and youngsters and develop their talents in early stages in order to maintain their national identity. The Society targets women and children of all ages starting from early childhood to the age of 18. The Society also targets parents, specialists and people who are concerned about children matters.
The Society provides programs, activities, studies and consultations aim to build a society with educational, ethical, intellectual, cultural, athletic and logical standards in order to live in Jerusalem as an educated entity by combining between development, sports, culture, and academic qualification.


Our Goals

  • Guide to developing successful study habits in children, and modern parenting.
  • Strengthening teamwork skills.
  • Qualify children through programs and projects to develop their skills and abilities in order to have an active role in society.
  • Encouraging early education principles for children and youngsters and encouraging regular presence at school and avoiding low averages.
  • Developing intellectual, physical, mental abilities and skills for children and youngsters according to curricula based on scientific foundations.
  • Improving the health and nutrition of schoolchildren through school-based programs


Our Vision

To build a creative generation, loyal to his homeland, able to serve and to take responsibilities.


Our Message

To prepare children and young generations with educational, leadership ethics and skills through qualified and creative programs.


Our Values

Al Rajaa Academy strives to achieve its vision and mission, within the core values ​​which are: 

Loyalty. Creativity. Honesty. Respect. Dependability. Cooperation. Perseverance.