About us

Al Rajaa is an academic institution, which seeks to promote development and education as a concept and practice, targeting children and young people at all ages from early childhood, as well as parents, specialists and specialists in children's affairs, offering programmes, activities, studies and consultations aimed at building a society with educational, intellectual and logical bases that qualifies them to live educated and conscious.

Al Rajaa works to develop the creative life in the teacher by empowering teachers and students in interactive creative educational fields and to promote the principles of education in students in schools and reduce dropout rates and improve the educational level and excellence by preparing children and young generations with ethical, educational and leadership skills in addition to integrating programmes to raise young people's capacities and create jobs into three programmes at the centre of education and creativity.


Our Goals

  • Work to develop and improve creative life and educational support in society and schools; To encourage education and reduce school dropout.
  • Develop interactive education and enhance personal and life skills through holding extracurricular activities and summer camps.
  • Develop the potential of teachers, teachers, mentors and mentors; To deal positively with students and children
  • Work to develop young people's potential and raise the capacities of parents and sensitize the community about positive engagement with children.


Our Vision

An educational academic institution, which contributes to building knowledge to create a creative generation of loyalty and belonging to its homeland capable of assuming its responsibilities.


Our Message

Providing an outstanding educational service that supports creativity and innovation, in accordance with our principles and values, with effective community partnership in an attractive environment based on ethics and educational and leadership skills.


Our Values

At Al Rajaa Foundation, we strive to achieve our vision and mission within fundamental values including: fulfillment, creativity, honesty, respect, reliability, cooperation and perseverance through the implementation of qualified creative programs.