Issuance of Konoz's notepad

Al Raja Organization produced the Konoz 2019 Memoir, which was designed and prepared specifically for the Qiyam project implemented by Al Rajaa in

Al Raja Organizes Cultural Evening Pencil

As part of the Qiyam project carried out by Al Rajaa with funding from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, a cultural evening entitl

Cultural Change Industry Evening 2

Al Rajaa organized a cultural evening entitled Industry for Change 2, which was held on the Palestinian national stage (Al-Hakwati).

Chairman of the Islamic Youth Cooperation Forum "Taha Ayhan" visits Al Rajaa Organization

The Chairman of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum Taha Ayhan and the accompanying delegation visited the Organization of Hope during their trip t

Launch of the crafts and handicrafts department development project

Within the project for the development and empowerment of Jerusalem NGOs implemented with the support of the Federation of Charitable Associations

Rajaa International Camp participants go to the traveling drawing exhibition

Rajaa participated in the Small Leaders Preparation Fair in Turkey 2018 by attending the Street Summit Mobile Painting Exhibition organized by the

Sports programs sponsored by the Six Brothers Company for Public Pledges

Rajaa signed a sponsorship agreement for sports programmes with the Six Brothers' Company for Public Undertakings, which stipulates that the Six Br

The National Bank sponsors activities within Rajaa Summer Camp

The National Bank sponsored activities within Rajaa Summer Camp II on the basis of the cooperation agreement signed by the Organization with the Ba

Ramadan in Jerusalem different, lighting the biggest lantern

In collaboration and coordination with the Burj al-Lqlq Association and a number of Jerusalem institutions, Al Rajaa organized a special event in R

Al Rajaa Organizes Cultural Change Industry Evening 1

At Al-Hakwati Theatre, Al Rajaa arranged a cultural event that was titled The Industry of Change.

Al Rajaa signs a memorandum of understanding with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Within the framework of the Programme of Support to the Palestinian People, Raja and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development signed a let

Al Rajaa has an exclusive agency and a right of privilege to the international label "Debono"

Al Rajaa was the exclusive proxy and franchise of the international label "Debono", one of the best approved global programs and curricula speciali

Board Elections 2018

Rajaa's Board of Directors held the annual elections to select a new Board of Directors under the supervision of the Supreme Council for Youth and

Agreement between the Moroccan Rajaa and the Palestinian Rajaa

Within the framework of the policy of opening up to the world around the Rajaa Organization and in the interest of expanding its base of activities

Al Rajaa Cooperation Agreements 2017

Since its establishment in 2017, Al Rajaa Foundation has concluded agreements on institutional cooperation and partnerships with several entities,…

Establishment and launch of Al Rajaa Volunteer Forum

With a view to promoting the idea of volunteerism and reflecting it as a permanent life approach, the Foundation initiated the establishment of  Al

Launch of Football Training and Education Program 2017

The Rajaa Foundation launched a football education and training program at the Foundation's "Rajaa Football Academy".

A promising start and hope for a better future

The idea of launching the Rajaa Foundation came during the visit of the founder of the Association in Palestine Ahmed Jaber to the Moroccan Oval Cl