Debono for Schools

(Higher Thinking Skills Development Program)
Debono is one of the pioneering programs, through which Al Rajaa Academy, who owns the franchise rights of the program in Palestine, aims at providing modern and advanced Arabic curricula that help children in acquiring thinking skills and develop their creativity and imagination. Additionally, the program offers practical chains and booklets to schools and educational institutions (public and private) which are willing to follow modern teaching approaches. This is done through the use of thinking learning programs which develop the used educational systems to the level of perfection and excellence. Learning issues are one of the most prominent issues that we face, therefore, this project works towards using all available potential and ongoing work to prepare purposeful programs that help students become more adaptable to the surrounding circumstances and has more ability to deal with any issues they might face.

YearsOld 6-18(Years)
Class Size 30(Kids)
Teacher Muhammad Rubai,

What will the Debono Program offer to students?

Debono program will enable you to use the most up-to-date international programs used in the development of creative and critical thinking with students inside the school, and to refrain from the use of traditional teaching methods. This will enable you to apply modern methods that take your school to a better level and performance. Moreover, this program will help is teaching students how to think, how to obtain knowledge, and to deal with knowledge and use it effectively.

Who will benefit from the Debono Methodology?

  • Teachers of creativity and thinking
  • Public and private schools
  • Centers, organizations, and institutions concerned with childhood I Curriculum experts and educational supervisors
  • Gifted and talented students’ care centers
  • Parents who are interested in developing their children’s thinking.

Who will benefit from the Debono Methodology?

  • The 20 Keys of Thinking Program
  • CORT Program for Teaching Thinking
  • The Six “Hats” of Thinking Program
  • The Multiple Intelligence Program
  • Scamper Program for the Development of Creativity and Imagination
  • Critical Thinking Development Program.