Drawing is a language used by children to express their feelings and thoughts. Therefore, drawing is considered an important communication tool with children to establish better knowledge of the child’s social network in which he/she lives, and to discover the most influential individuals in the lives of children. Moreover, drawing helps children verify colors and their relationship to nature and the social life surrounding the child. Additionally, drawing is an art used to express and communicate with others amongst introvert children.

YearsOld 5-12(Years)
Class Size 12(Kids)
Class Time Sat, Thu / 16:00-19:00
Cost 900 ₪

What this course offers to your child

  • Express needs and wills that cannot be expressed through words and language
  • encourage children to admire arts through developing their taste
  • Discover a child’s psychological status by analyzing his/her drawings
  • Get to know the child’s personality and develop imaginations
  • Unloading the energies of the child in positive and fruitful matters.