Football Training

Football is a great source of entertainment for children, and children are always willing to play it with their friends. Football is a child’s first step towards getting to collaborate with his/her peers and to work together to attain their goal (winning). Football encourages team spirit and working towards attaining a specific goal, in addition to its role as a fitness sport.

YearsOld 6-12(Years)
Class Size 16(Kids)
Teacher Maher Mafarjeh,
Class Time Sat, Thu / 17:00-19:00
Cost 700 ₪

What this course offers to your child

  • Help in increasing muscle strength, especially legs
  • Reduce the possibility of developing Osteoporosis and increase fitness
  • Reduce blood pressure and improve cardio function
  • Improve blood circulation, which makes a person happier and improves mood
  • A team sport that encourages participation and interactions with others, which makes a child more cooperative with his/her friends
  • Makes children better at communicating with others and limits introversion.