Gymnastics for Children

Gymnastics is one of the most important and beneficial sports for children. Through this sport, children are able to develop flexibility and balance, as well as gain muscle power. Gymnastics helps in improving the body’s flexibility and increases its strength and balance. Moreover, gymnastics increases a child’s self-esteem and his/her ability to impress those around him/her through the development of the child’s capabilities and problem solving abilities, with calmness and intelligence. Gymnastics also plays a role in teaching a child the importance of commitment, which helps him/her in practical life and regulates his/her behavior.

YearsOld 4-14(Years)
Class Size 12(Kids)
Teacher Anna Ursu,
Class Time Sun, Tue / 16:00-19:00
Cost 650 NIS

What this course offers to your child

  • Physical strength
  • Muscles coordination
  • Balance and Flexibility
  • Speed and focus