Karate for Children

Karate is classifies as a martial art, and playing karate for children will equip them with the necessary self-defense skills. Additionally, it is a noble sport with principals and basis that are structured on good and peace. Karate performance gives children a sense of beauty, through allowing them to reaching compatibility, agility and coherent technical skills. Therefore, we must be assured that karate will not make the child aggressive, as it does not only consist of body movements that a child memorizes and performs, but has many other positive aspects.

YearsOld 4-12(Years)
Class Size 12(Kids)
Teacher Diala Ghosheh,
Class Time Mon, Wed / 16:00-19:00
Cost 650 NIS

What this course offers to your child

  • Help child with emotional maturity
  • Patience and emotional control
  • Accepting results (loss or win)
  • Develop the child’s intellectual functions
  • Improve the child’s health by activating the intellectual process
  • Social adjustment and acceptance of others