Music Education Program

This program is considered a basic and extremely important stage in the process of musically refining the student and exposing his talent. Moreover, it would musically empower the student, in practice and in theory for students from the age of 9-18 years.
We also offer the possibility to take lessons in music for amateurs who want to acquire musical knowledge and technology. The program is intended for music lovers, who are 18 years old or older, as they are not obligated to follow the official curriculum of the educational program, or to undergo an evaluation.

YearsOld 9-18(Years)
Class Size 1(Kids)
Class Time Sun, Tue, Thu / 14:30-20:00
Cost 1400 ₪

What will the Music Education Course offer to the participant?

  • Weekly individual lessons, each lesson is one hour long.
  • Teach theoretical music along with practical piano or violin education.
  • Help the student develop listening to music and stimulating his musical thinking.
  • Help the student develop his creative abilities and his composition of his musical identity.