Qiyam for Schools

(Dialogue and Positive Behavior Support Program)
Qiyam Program, which is part of the dialogue and positive behavior support program among school children, aims at strengthening the social fabric through fortifying and establishing positive values, and through guiding dialogue amongst children, their peers and their teachers at school, and with their parents at home, in order to promote positivity and preserve the individual and group identity of the Jerusalemite society.

YearsOld 10-16(Years)
Class Size 30(Kids)

What will the Qiyam Program offer to students?

  • Develop the students’ social intelligence
  • Improving students’ self-image
  • Develop students understanding and practice of winning and losing culture
  • Enhance students’ ability to set objectives
  • Training on problem solving skills
  • Identifying and developing the skill of dealing with peer pressure.

General objective of the Program:

Enable children to build a value-based system that rises with purposeful thinking, as well as developing positive behavioral, personal and social skills and methods of positive thinking amongst children. This will enable children to effectively participate in creating a stable social personality, and in finding effective alternatives and strategies such as dialogue, discussions and disciplined behavior, away from frustrations, anger and stress. Moreover, the program encourages participation in problem solving in a healthy way, and participation in improving academic attainment and educational excellence at school.