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General System

Subscription and Membership Instructions and Conditions


  • Membership is personal and is not transferable or cancellable.
  • Upon completing the application form and payment, you will receive a membership card.
  • Al Rajaa Administration reserves the right to refuse any application for membership or cancel the membership if it violates membership instructions and conditions.
  • The subscription will be canceled in case of repeated failure to comply with any of the provisions mentioned in the rules and regulations or insulting the divine self or when not complying with the instructions provided by the coaches / employees / guides, whether orally or in writing.

Health Status 

  • Each participant is responsible for his health status, so that the person who uses the Academy’s facilities makes sure not to harm or endanger himself or others. The Academy is not responsible for the injury, illness or death, God forbid, of any member or guest.
  • The Academy’s administration stresses the necessity of submitting the medical examination before obtaining the membership / subscription.

Personal Amenities

  • You must bring your own towel and hand sanitizer when performing any of the activities inside or outside the headquarters of the Academy.
  • You must bring a sufficient water bottle when performing any of the activities inside or outside the headquarters of the Academy.



  • Sports activities are only allowed in full sportswear.
  • Changing clothes is only allowed in the dressing room.


General System 

  • It is not allowed to bring food and drink into the facilities and the playground, except for drinking water.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times and in all facilities.
  • All mobile and used equipment must be returned to its place, and free weights must be used in a particular area.
  • All members must respect the rights and safety of others and refrain from shouting and other aggressive behavior.
  • Cellular devices and imaging devices are not allowed in the facilities of Al Rajaa Academy.
  • When exercising, sterilants must be used before and after use.

Working Hours 

  • Opening times: Daily from 9:00 to 19:00 except on Fridays, holidays and public holidays.
  • The Administration keeps the right to change working hours provided that participants are informed a week before the change.

Safety and Responsibility

  • The Administration of Al Rajaa Academy do not bear any responsibility for the loss or damage of anything.
  • Al Rajaa is not responsible for injury resulted from improper use and neglect.
  • It is necessary to follow the instructions of coaches and the receptionist.